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High School Testing Schedule 2018-2019

NWEA Testing--a series of three diagnostic tests--one each in Math, Language, and Reading that enable teachers, administrators, and parents to view their student's growth and adapt classroom and study activities to maximize achievement. We administer NWEA tests twice a year--in the fall and in the spring. Specific dates are below.

ACESS--is a state test for English Language Learners. It measures students skills in order to appropriately place non-native speakers.

MCA Testing--a series of three tests to measure students and school achievement in Math, Reading, and Science at various grade levels: Reading and Math in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades; Science in 5th grade. Specific dates follow:

  • 4/25 9:00 9th Grade Science 9:00 10th Grade Reading 9:00 11th Grade Math 12:30 8th Grade Science
  • 4/26 9:00 7th Grade Reading/Math 4/27 9:00 8th Grade Reading/Math
  • Access
  • 4/24 All grades; Contact Gene Yang for more information.
  • NWEA
  • Sept 27 Morning: 9-11 Reading; Afternoon: 9-11 Math
  • Sept 28 Morning: 7-8 Reading; Afternoon: 7-8 Math
  • To Opt out of State Testing