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The Westbrook Walnut Grove Schools Board of Education is a cohesive group of seven community members who strive to provide the resources and the academic, artistic, and athletic programs to give students in the district a superior education.

The school board meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 7:00, alternating between the Westbrook building and the Walnut Grove building.

School board members--Click the name for a short biography; click the email address to contact.

Meeting Dates--Click for Agendas/Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
10/17/2016 10-17-2016Agenda.pdf
08/15/2016 08-15-2016Agenda.pdf
03/21/2016 03-21-2016Agenda.pdf 03-21-2016Minutes.pdf
12/16/2013 12-16-2013Agenda.pdf
11/20/2013 11-20-2013Agenda.pdf
10/20/2013 10-20-2013Agenda.pdf 10-20-2013Minutes.pdf
03/11/2013 03-11-2013Agenda.pdf
06/25/2012 06-25-2012Agenda.pdf
02/24/2012 02-24-2012Agenda.pdf
12/19/2011 12-19-2011Agenda.pdf
12/19/2011 12-19-2011Agenda.pdf
09/19/2011 09-19-2011Agenda.pdf
03/15/2010 03-15-2010Agenda.pdf
02/15/2010 02-15-2010Agenda.pdf
11/17/2008 11-17-2008Agenda.pdf
03/19/2007 03-19-2007Agenda.pdf
09/18/2006 09-18-2006Agenda.pdf
04/17/2006 04-17-2006Agenda.pdf
04/18/2005 04-18-2005Agenda.pdf
01/18/2005 01-18-2005Agenda.pdf
12/20/2004 12-20-2004Agenda.pdf
12/20/2004 12-20-2004Agenda.pdf
11/15/2004 11-15-2004Agenda.pdf
10/18/2004 10-18-2004Agenda.pdf
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