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Staff Development Plan

Staff Development Plan
Westbrook-Walnut Grove School ISD#2989

The Westbrook-Walnut Grove School Staff Development Plan is designed to meet the criteria for staff development set forth in Minnesota Statutes 1993, Sections 126.70 and 124a.29. The plan will provide direction for the staff development program at both the district and sites levels.

Staff development is a systematically planned, comprehensive set of ongoing professional growth activities carried out over time to improve instruction. Research shows that when professional development opportunities are a designated and significant part of a faculty member’s work environment, higher quality learning for students can be achieved.

The mission of our district staff development program is to ensure that staff members continue to develop the skills to fulfill the mission of Westbrook-Walnut Grove School.

The mission of Westbrook-Walnut Grove School is to provide the highest quality educational opportunities for all students through access to relevant curriculum, effective instruction, and a caring environment that promotes successful achievement, self-esteem, community and parental involvement, and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. To these ends, we believe that:
1) all children can learn;
2) excellence occurs when the school, parents, and community work cooperatively to provide learners with the challenges and opportunities that promote success on a continual basis.

We believe that effective staff development:
1) is founded on communication, involvement, and decision making by staff, administration, and the community;
2) is congruent with the mission and vision for student learning;
3) is cognizant of the learning styles, principles of learning, and the comfort level of students;
4) is responsive to the commonality, uniqueness, and value of each staff member;
5) is integral to the support of the concept of alignment of graduation standards;
6) is an ongoing, year-round endeavor;
7) is organized to help fulfill identified individual, school, and district goals;
8) is a commitment to maintenance and follow-through of focus areas.

To support these beliefs, effective staff development within the Westbrook-Walnut Grove School District will:
1) connect directly to students;
2) promote collegial learning and sharing;
3) relate specifically to the changing role of the professional;
4) integrate educational research, innovation, and practice;
5) foster a sense of community within the Westbrook-Walnut Grove School district;
6) use both school and community resources to provide a variety of perspectives;
7) support the sharing of talent, expertise, and materials among School;
8) require an ongoing commitment of resources;
9) require the interrelationship of teacher development with the development of the education system, including, staff members, parents, and community;
10) take into account the need for knowledge to be shared among all staff members while maintaining the unique roles of a differentiated staff.

Westbrook-Walnut Grove School Staff Development Goals
Westbrook-Walnut Grove School Staff Development efforts will focus on outcomes that align themselves with the goals established by the state legislature:
1) Improve student achievement of state and local education standards in all areas of the curriculum by using best practices methods;
2) Effectively meet the needs of a diverse student population including at-risk children, children with disabilities, and gifted children within the regular classroom and in other settings;
3) Provide an inclusive curriculum for a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse student population that is consistent with the state education diversity rule;
4) Improve staff collaboration and develop mentoring and peer coaching programs for teachers new to the school or district;
5) Effectively teach and model violence prevention policy and curriculum that address early intervention alternatives, issues of harassment, and teach nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution;
6) Provide teachers and other members of site-based management teams with appropriate management and financial management skills.

The Westbrook-Walnut Grove School Staff Development Committees
The Staff Development Committee of Westbrook-Walnut Grove School will:
1) determine an equitable method for use of funds allocated to each site;
2) write the Westbrook-Walnut Grove Staff Development Plan;
3) allocate all funds as directed by the plan;
4) propose and approve the districtwide staff development activities;
5) monitor the site committees’ use of their allocated staff development funds and distribute the remaining 25% of the staff development funds as exemplary grants ;
6) write the final evaluation of the Westbrook-Walnut Grove Staff Development Plan for the state department of education.

The Site Staff Development Committees, one at each building will:
1) establish site-level objectives as appropriate and consistent with the mission, beliefs, and objectives stated in the Staff Development Plan;
2) have a process for approving teacher requests for individual staff development activities:
--in general, teachers and staff may participate in individual workshops and learning opportunities to update:
a) curriculum;
b) teaching methodology;
c) assessment and evaluation methodology;
d) their understanding of state and national mandates and standards;
3) maintain a file of the forms of approved activities;
4) keep an up-to-date record of the expenditures for their site.

Committee Structures
Site committees
The Westbrook-Walnut Grove Staff Development Building Site Committees will have the following representation:
1) at least two staff members elected at each site;
2) one administrator.
Site committee members will serve for three year terms. One-third of the committee will be replaced each year. The initial committee length of term will be determined by lot. Terms for new members will begin in September of each year.

District committee
The Westbrook-Walnut Grove District Staff Development Committee will have the following representation:
1) two school administrators;
2) two district residents;
3) the members of the site committees.
Election of a chair and a secretary will take place in September of each year.

The district staff development committee will meet quarterly; the site committees will meet as needed, but at least in the spring to formulate the site objectives, aligned with the district objectives, for the coming year.

Building Site Committee Criteria for Funds Request Approval
Requests for approval of individual staff development activities must be submitted to the appropriate building staff development committee for their approval. Staff development funds may only be used for activities that align with the district site outcomes.
Any approved activity must fulfill the following:
1) it addresses a specific district or site staff development objective, (for example instructional methods, organizational change);
2) a follow-up evaluations a five days and 90 days must be completed to include the effect of the experience on student instruction.

Staff Development funds will be allocated as stated by MS 126.70 and MS 124a.29 as follows:
50% to the building sites on a per teacher basis;
25% to districtwide staff development;
25% in the form of exemplary grants awarded by the district staff development committee.


Staff Development Plan