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Staff Development Activities
Date Title Name Approval
08/27/2018 CPI Refresher Caygle Approved
08/27/2018 CPI Refresher Caygle Pending
08/27/2018 CPI refresher Yang Pending
08/27/2018 CPI refresher Yang Pending
08/23/2018 CPI training (2day session) Wahl Pending
08/09/2018 Camp Read-A-Lot (Day 2) Plaetz Approved
08/09/2018 Camp Read-A-Lot Otto Approved
08/09/2018 Camp Read-A-Lot Benson Approved
08/09/2018 Camp Read-A-Lot (Day 2) Herder Approved
08/08/2018 Camp Read-A-Lot (Day1) Plaetz Approved
08/08/2018 Camp Read-a-Lot Olson Approved
08/08/2018 Camp Read A Lot Pabst Approved
07/31/2018 The Escape Room Jorgenson Approved
07/27/2018 Technology Integration Google Classroom Byers Approved
07/25/2018 2018 Ed. Secretaries Conference Kolar Pending
07/18/2018 Test Hannan Approved
06/12/2018 Visual Phonics Schmidt Approved
06/07/2018 Visual Phonics workshop Olson Approved
05/09/2018 Data Security and Privacy for K-12 School Districts Hannan Approved
05/04/2018 Motivation, Mindset and Grit: Practical, Proven Strategies to Increase Learning Byers Approved
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