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Visual Arts Competition
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Welcome to the Minnesota State High School League Visual Arts Competition website. Here you can enter a visual arts piece in the competition, get information about the competition/festival dates, the workshops, the judges, and the rules, and view the imaginative efforts of student artists.

The MSHSL Visual Arts Competition/Festival will take place on several dates at various locations in the Spring. The day will include workshops, a visual arts show, and an awards ceremony. The art show and awards ceremony will be open to the public:

08:00-09:00 Set-up Art Work Displays
09:00-02:30 Workshops
09:30-1:30 Judging of Entries
12:30-01:00 Lunch Break
01:30-02:30 Public Viewing
02:30-03:00 Awards Program

Click a region/region contact below to access a gallery of the region's artists, enter the competition, and get more details about the festivals.

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