Loy Woelber--Superintendent
Sam Woitalewicz--High School Principal
Independent School
District #2898

Westbrook High School
344 8th Street
PO Box 129
Westbrook, MN 56183
(507) 274-6111
Fax: 507-274-6113

Walnut Grove Elementary
5th at Washington
Walnut Grove, MN 56180
(507) 859-2141
Fax: (507) 859-2329

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Paul Olson--Elementary Principal

Welcome to Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools, an educational oasis amidst the rolling prairie of Southwest Minnesota.
We offer students a comprehensive Preschool - 12th grade education, emphasizing the basic core classes, while also providing most if not all of the electives that we all grew up with.

We're located in Westbrook and Walnut Grove, Minnesota, approximately 160 miles southwest of the Twin Cities and approximately 50 miles east of the South Dakota border, serving the proud communities of Revere, Walnut Grove, Westbrook, and Dovray. We are also fortunate to serve open enrolled students from Tracy, Storden, Currie, and Lamberton.

We house our Preschool - 6th grade students in Walnut Grove. Westbrook is home for our 7 - 12th grade students. Both sites offer community education and adult education programs. Westbrook and Walnut Grove both host school sponsored summer recreation programs.

Over the past year we've added laptop carts and iPads, and we've added "smartboards" to more classrooms. WWG students have access to state-of-the-art information and learning technologies.

A great example of our extracurricular involvement last year was our FFA team taking 49 members of all ages and talents to the State Convention and demonstrating that we have one of the top programs in the State!

We have a multicultural community of students and a wonderful staff.

Give us a closer look; we think you'll like what you see.

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Rock Pickers and Babysitters needed. Contact Mr. Olsen at 859-2141 if interested.

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